Originally published in the December 2014 issue of Mundo Eléctrico, Columbia’s largest electrical engineering journal. Original Spanish language PDF available.


Practices in energy efficiency have proven cost-effective in recent decades and although we continue to see innovation in this mature sector (see Table 1: Nanoleaf and inMotive), recent advances in the field of energy efficiency have the potential to unlock or stimulate new energy efficient practices through access to data. Access and management of data, either to supplement or simply an efficient system independently, have the potential of improving buildings and homes that are already efficient.

inMotive’s Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive (Mechatronic VSD) is a disruptive innovation that addresses operational cost factors and performance inefficiencies of industrial electric motors head-on. inMotive’s patented technology allows motors to be right-sized, saving 50% of the upfront costs and 10-15% of the operating costs compared to the best solution currently available.