Introducing a breakthrough innovation to motor performance. inmotive’s elegant design creates an unrivaled torque and efficiency advantage, significantly lowering capital and operational costs.

A Mechatronic Drive

Our mechatronic drive technology is completely unique. Its performance is unrivaled in providing high starting torque and energy efficiency to any engine or motor. It offers the right gear at the right time and in the most efficient way possible.


The Mechatronic Variable Speed Drive (MVSD) is a disruptive technology that is a more efficient and cost effective solution for right-sizing motors for high-starting and constant torque processes. In industrial applications, the MVSD’s inherent torque and efficiency characteristics provide unrivaled advantages. It is so effective that it has the potential to be the only drive/motor combination that can properly match motor size with torque and load requirements.


Electric motors make up one of the largest sets of electricity consumers in the world, constituting up to 46% of global consumption. Their proper application and operation is essential for decreased capital costs, operational efficiencies and GHG reductions to satisfy policy requirements.


It has been shown that optimizing industrial motor systems by implementing cost-effective energy-saving technology can reduce U.S. industrial energy costs by up to $5.8 billion per year. Much of these savings will come from making motor-driven-systems more efficient within the industrial sector – motors that drive fans and pumps, conveyers, blowers, mixers, compressors, etc. The motors that are driving industry.

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The motors driving fans are responsible for the majority of HVAC system energy consumption. Given that HVAC systems consume 27% of the world’s produced electricity, the MVSD represents an incredible opportunity. Pumps suck up 20% of the world’s energy used by electric motors. With millions of installed pumps, this equates to an incredible amount of wasted energy, ghg emissions, and lost capital, and a huge opportunity for the MVSD.

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The MVSD technology can reduce electricity consumption of industrial motors by up to 70%. In automotive, the MVSD transmission offers very close ratios spanning a wide range, improving performance while increasing efficiency. In wind turbines it will boost energy production by over 5% in typical conditions without increasing the maximum speed of the rotors.

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The key component of the MVSD is a morphing sprocket that changes size without disengaging a belt. the MVSD is comprised of several sprockets of a wide range of sizes which are each divided into segments. The belt is transitioned from one sprocket to another sprocket of a different size by selectively moving individual segments along an axis in or out of the path of the belt.

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